A two in one meal with special touches not afforded during the week

Where Did Brunch Originate

Brunch is a long standing Southern tradition, there’s something about brunch and Skull Creek Boathouse that goes together beautifully, but where did these rich histories come from. Today, we are going over the rich history of brunch, where it started, where it’s going, and how we perfected it at Skull Creek Boathouse.


Ceviche can be eaten as a first course or main dish depending on your preferences

What is Ceviche?

How can a fish not be raw but not be cooked? What’s the secret behind what makes ceviche so delicious but also safe to eat. We will go over all that and more! Skull Creek Boathouse has been serving the best ceviche on Hilton Head Island for a long time, today we will go over it’s history and some FAQ’s.